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Is there something missing in your love life? Do you feel stuck or heartbroken? Are you wanting to be loved, held and heard? Are you longing to be met; mentally, emotionally, physically and beyond? 

If this is you, my coaching and mentoring will guide you through your transformation. 

Are you ready?


You begin by turning inward. You become aware what is happening within yourself. Your fears, your pain, your triggers. You meet and greet the aspects of you that terrify you. You learn about the nature of your unconscious patterns, becoming aware of what is holding you back. It is an awakening!


You don’t just meet and greet the deeper parts of you. You now step right into the fire, so to speak. You feel everything deeply. You begin to resolve your shadow, transforming the fear, pain and trauma held in our body and mind into vital energy. And in the process, you develop a lot of compassion and skills.


Having purged your past, you now meet the love of your life with a fully open heart. When you connect, there is an indescribable intimacy that ignites the very essence of your soul. It was totally worth it! And when you are apart, you have the serenity and stability to let go, while remaining routed in your being.

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In my 1-to-1 Coaching, you get my full focus. We work on which ever areas you need support with. 


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Check out my latest podcast and youtube videos. I use these platforms to answer your questions. My content focuses strongly in bridging the polarities between Yin and Yang, so you can have integrated, embodied and fulfilling relationships. 

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